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Nyfiken på AstraZeneca och läkemedelsindustrin? Här kommer ett exjobbstips om ett ev. exjobb på Modelling and Simulation, AstraZeneca, Mölndal. Idén till examensarbetet kommer från en (ur)gammal första generationens TBi-are, Peter Gennemark.
Observera att finansieringen inte är klar ännu, men chansen ökar med en bra och intresserad kandidat.
Den som är intresserad är välkommen att kontakta:
Peter Gennemark (peter.gennemark@astrazeneca.com)
Linnéa Bergenholm (linnea.bergenholm@astrazeneca.com)

Science communication for modeling and simulation

It is not enough to do the right analyses and simulations, we must also be able to communicate our results in the right way to cross-functional audiences. The Albert Einstein citation “If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself” should perhaps not be taken literally, but highlights the challenge of science communication and is a useful starting point for critical self-evaluation. There is a rich literature on science communication, mainly related to environmental science and in particular global warming. The literature focuses on how to communicate (words, numbers, visualizations) uncertainty and risk, and the best way to help decision makers to make informed decisions. Similar to pharmaceutical M&S, environmental science relies on predictions from quantitative models based on known mechanistic relationship but also including various assumptions associated with uncertainty. From a science communication point of view, we can learn a lot from this field.

To significantly improve modeling and simulation communications by increasing the awareness of good science communication and by highlighting scientifically based methods for such communication.

Scope and work plan
To find and read relevant literature and training material, and then reflect on previous M&S presentations from a science communication perspective. In a final step, to integrate learnings from the literature with AstraZeneca experiences into a written summary with recommendations.

Business impact
Increased awareness of the importance of good science communication, and adequate methods for such communication lead to improved M&S input to decision makers, and consequently more informed decisions. A cornerstone in science communication is to critically evaluate and learn from previous communications. Therefore, the effect of an M&S effort in this field can be expected to gradually increase over time (years), but with a higher initial rate (during year 1) as we can learn to avoid obviously bad communications.

Peter Gennemark (peter.gennemark@astrazeneca.com)
Linnéa Bergenholm (linnea.bergenholm@astrazeneca.com)

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