Welcome to Anniversary Symposium

On the 22nd and 23rd of April 2015, LiU will host an anniversary symposium, one of six being held to commemorate the 275th anniversary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Date: 22-23 April, 2015
Venue: Campus Valla, C1 and Campus Norrköping, K4 


World leading scientists and experts that develop and utilize novel technology achievements to serve mankind in different ways gathers at Linköping University. Students, University staff and the public are welcome to attend the symposium.

Technology is the collection of tools that extend the abilities of mankind to control and sense our environment, and to improve the conditions for humans. World-famous chemist and Östergötland native Jöns Jacob Berzelius, long-time secretary of the Academy, carried out numerous experiments on the electrical signals and the soft matter of living organisms. The traditions initiated by him are here continued in a meeting covering four novel technology areas.

  • Drones – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) – rescuing and securing life in dangerous situations using aircrafts when the pilot must remain on the ground.

  • Bioelectronics – novel communication and interface technology connecting the human body to the Internet for future health care services.

  • Human organs in a Petridish – regenerative medicine to construct original human spare parts for drug screening and healthcare.

  • Extreme computation for business, health and pleasure – to visualize and digitize our body and world.

The event is free of charge and but registration is required for all participants. Please note that registration is binding.

Date: 22-23 April, 2015
Venue: Campus Valla, C1 and Campus Norrköping, K4 

More information, program and registration: http://www.kva.se/sv/Kalendariumlista/20151/the-digital-body-in-a-digital-worldbricommunication-and-visualisation-technology-serving-humansi/

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